MLO COO Johnnie Lee Welcomes Vigilante to the Team @VigilanteLOM

My name is Johnnie Lee and I am currently the COO of Ennovative INC. I am a former professional gamer and online personality from Phoenix, Arizona. During my senior year of college at Arizona State I was balancing taking 21 credits of classes for my degree in Business Management and Business Entrepreneurship, undertaking an internship which took 30 hours of work a week, and working part-time as a Sushi Chef at my parent’s restaurant. Amidst all this, I found the time to grow an online gaming community through my gaming broadcasts on Twitch. I don’t think I had a single meal that wasn’t in my car, driving or running to class that year due to time constraints. I spent every free hour I had trying to make my love for gaming, and a positive community turn into something big. And the hard work paid off! After graduating, I saw a lot of potential in my gaming channel and decided to try professional gaming and live streaming full time. I ended up being fairly successful, doing this as my full-time job for over four years. I met the CEO of Ennovative Inc., Clayton Kanemitsu at a gaming event where we were both competing in 2017 and we have been great friends ever since. We have started multiple businesses together in the past. Ennovative INC, the parent company of MLO is the most successful business by far because we started the company in the hopes of providing fashionable shoes at an affordable price so we could be an inclusive brand rather than one that positions itself as exclusive. One of our other partners, Justin Warden, is also heavily involved in the gaming industry. He is the CEO of one of the largest esports agencies in the world. I met Justin through past events and working together on promotions with him acting as my agent for sponsorship and advertising opportunities. We’re all starting to move away from the gaming industry and would like to put forth the same effort that we put into our careers in the past to make Ennovative INC. a very successful company that can be a positive force in the fashion industry.

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