Lil Thony and Tampamystic Thoy City Listening Party Scheduled for June 9th in Atlanta

Atlanta’s mohawk sporting trap rapper Lil Thony has been putting in heavy work for the past few years. On a live interview with Jimmy Hennec, Thony hinted toward releasing multiple projects in the year 2016. He went on to release music featuring producers such as Sauce Lord Rich (FKI), and Grand Hustles Everybody Know Stroud to kick the year off. Lil Thony is now preparing to release a mixtape titled ” Thot City ” (nicknamed ThotLanta) where he will give his fans a taste of original Freak Nik / strip club bangers. With this project, you can expect to hear sounds from FKI, EverybodyKnow Stroud, RE the Sungod, and many more. Be on the lookout for this project at the top of the summer. TampaMystic (MysticsENT x Core Dj) wil be hosting the event.

Official Mixtape Listening Party is June 9th at Hot BeatsStudios (675 Metropolitan PKWY, Atlanta Ga)

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