Industry All Access Helps Artist Careers Progress

Industry All Access is a full entertainment consulting firm. The company
works with clients in all forms of
entertainment. Industry All Access helps entrepreneurs, entertainers,
artists, actors, dancers,songwriters, comedians, musicians and singers
develop and maintain a competitive edge in the highly evolving
entertainment industry.

Industry All Access takes a very specialized approach to consulting and
branding their clients. In today’s digital world, it is important for
artists to have a strong online presence, and Industry All Access works
hard to help clients brand and promote themselves digitally. Through a
partnership with IAA Industry News, Industry All Access provides a
platform for artists to get industry press and has featured interviews
from industry insiders such as Tone Capone from EMI Music, A&R Sickamore
of the Famous Firm, Tyrese, and Eric Robinson to name a few. Industry All
Access focuses highly on branding because they want their clients to
understand that image is just as important as the music. Industry All
Access has worked with clients such as PNB Rock and Altantic Records,
Kevon Glickman, and Timyrra Joi on branding through website design and

Another key element is that Industry All Access stays attuned
to ongoing developments and emerging trends in the media and digital
landscape. Industry All Access works hard to stay abreast of those trends
in order to be able to provide artists with the necessary resources to get
their music heard, be profitable,and stand out in today’s competitive market.

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