GMOB HAMO & MARLEYMAXX don’t accept No’s they doing it “Anyway” @respkect_d2_Shk20ter @marleymaxx

Every day you wake up, you find yourself surrounded by rules, people who tell you what you can’t do, and a society that drills the word you can’t in the environment. When you live a life of limited choices, you only option is to do it “Anyway”.

Growing up GMOB HAMO & MARLEYMAXX traveled multiple hoods and realized the streets is ugly, haters are consistent, and the rule is survival of the fittest. To be the fittest they needed to do what they had to do, so when they’re told not to, they doing it “Anyway”.

Linking with producer SEB P. they tell their story, streets, drugs, woman, beef, fun and of course how they move. Regardless its middle finger up they doing it “Anyway”. This single brings Delivery with a head knock feel. So, get ready to feel like you can do what you want “Anyway”.

Listen to GMOB HAMO & MARLEYMAXX “ANYWAY” available 5/15 on all digital platforms

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