The Grynd Report sits down w/ Glyd Gang for an exclusive interview! @JAEMOERISK

Thank you for spending some time with The Grynd Report, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.
No. Thank You For Having Us. We Are “Glyd Gang“. Which Consist Of Two Artist Under The kFAN Umbrella. Which Means (Grind Like Your Dedicated) My Name Is “Jae Moe Risk”(to the right) Im From Clewiston, Florida.. Harlem(Fl) Community To Be Exact. 1 Half Of Glyd Gang. How Are You Im “The Real Jae Stackz”(to the left) & Im From Bedstuy Brooklyn, Ny. 1 Half Of Glyd Gang.

What’s the music scene like in your city for independent artists?
Not Speaking For The Whole City.. But, We Don’t Feel Their Is A Good Support System Within The City Limits. I Could Be Better Than It Is.. We Don’t Let That Stop Us Though.

This music business can be tough, what’s your motivation to keep pushing?
“Real-Close” Family Is The Biggest Motivation. I Say Close Because Family Is Different These Days.. Just Because Your Related Doesn’t Make You Family. Just Feel Blessed To Be In This Position.. Gotta Make It Happen.

When your new or existing fans listen to your music, what do you want them to hear?
The Message In All Of Our Music. When You Go Thru The “Good Bad & The Ugly” You Become A Product Of Just That; Never Say Never.

You have a single out called ‘I’m Gone’ explain the meaning behind record and tell us where we can download it?
Yes. I’m Jae Moe Risk & I Do Have A Single Out Now.. It Can Be Found On Amazon & I-Tunes Now!! Well, Im Gone Reflects On Where I Come From.. Poverty. I Believe In “No Pain No Gain”. I Was Homeless At One Point.. It Made Me Realize Alot Of Things. But, When I Got Back On My Feet.. I Had Something To Say. IM GONE Meaning It’s Too Late.. Im Good Now! Me & The Real JaeStackz Have A Single Titled: Looney Tunez Dropping Yesterday. Look Out For That!!

2016 is almost over, what are some of your goals for the new year?
Look Foward To Building New Relationships With The Right People In This Industry. Also, Remaining Consistent So That We Can Continue To Build A Name For Ourselves.

Name one artist past or present you would like to work with and why.
I Ain’t Gon’ Lie We Been Fonking SmoovAtL We Be Fonking “Time Ticking” & “Tripping”. I Hear His Message In Them Lyrics.. We All Can Relate #LinkUp

What’s your definition of Grynd?
It Takes Time & Dedication To Accomplish Things. Passion As Well As Ambition & Originality Will Get You Far. We Feel You Have To Work For What You Want/Need In Life. No Work.. No Eat.

Where can we find you online?
You Can Actually Just Google: GLYD GVNG.. We’ll Pop Up On All Social Networks.
Listen to Looney Tunez by Glyd Gvng #np on #SoundCloud


Any Shoutouts?
Yep. Anyone & Everyone That Has Been Rocking With kFAN Since Day 1.. We Love & Appreciate Yall.. We Working.

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