‘Do what you got to do’ for Kairi Chanel! Written by @tilsawright @daveeast

Say word! I did what I had to do in the snow and zero degree temperature, on January 7th 2017 to cop Dave East album Kairi Chanel. If you are reading this and don’t live near winter wonder snow land; yesterday in New York City was messy and freezing. Picture me getting dressed in layers, not in a pornographic way and then actually walking to the number 2 train. Getting off Atlantic Avenue stop, heading down the slippery staircase to jump on the R train to 8th Street in Manhattan. Then walk 15 minutes to Community 54 on Avenue B. All for the culture of Hip-hop and my commitment to support. For me to spend money and time to support an artist, I do my research and watch their work ethics. Mr. Dave East, trust my words he’s worthy!

From the projects to owning his first home few days ago, is an inspiration and a testament to his spiritual foundation. For those who don’t know, Dave is a Muslim a faith that has many rules and imparts wisdom. I strongly believe his faith has him steadfast on the path of success.
Since I first met him back in June 2016 at Haddy Racks listening party; I had no clue who he was so I did my Google and watched a number of his interviews. Like the song on his album says Do what you got to do! After a string of life lessons, losing his basketball scholarship and being incarcerated for 6 months. Dave went from pain to gain. This never happened overnight, he did a little business in the cut to build a studio in the back room of apartment 6E in the projects. Yeah man, investment is the fundamental key to success. During a few of his interviews, Dave said he couldn’t afford studio time so as fate would have it he built it and look today he is signed with Def Jam.
To write this feature I decided to tentatively listen to Kairi Chanel repeatedly. So as to engage your interest to become a lifelong supporter and purchase this project online or at Dave’s next pop-up shop. Let me share a few lines that had me thinking how creatively deep Dave is.

‘Took a few verses to flood the wrist’
‘I did a lot but I never hated’
‘Bills coming in I got to read them’
‘They say pressure bust pipes but I don’t see done’

Trust there are more lines, rhymes, hooks and bars that will have your ears on fire; especially my favorite song Keisha. Head over to YouTube and watch this video to this song, talk about storytelling with truth to the street life, yep so many Keisha with the same MO.

So as I wait for his next project under Def Jam label, I just want to give my respect to Wayno his manager and Budda his producer who I met yesterday. Hats off to the entire team!

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