[AUDIO] Blo5k – 3 Grams (Prod. By B Rackz)

Blo5k (Lil A & Fatt) is a Hip Hop duo from the streets of East Atlanta. Fatt from Gresham Road is the laid back, self-acclaimed ladies man. Whereas Lil A is the raw, lyrically aggressive half of the duo. “We came from nothing!” (Lil A) Growing up poor, Lil A …

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[Single] DPretty – “STAY ON” (Watch Trailer) @DPretty2g

International recording artist DPretty is a Congolese singer/songwriter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in central Africa. His colorful culture, passion for music and social activism can be found in his lyrics . His dedication to his people is reflected in his non-profit organization, CGA (Congolese Genocide Awareness), which …

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(Music) Cleaz – Nerve | @yaboyCleaz


Cleaz is getting alot of people in their emotions in the new single Straight out of Kentucky, independent artist Cleaz comes with no mercy in the brand new record “Nerve“.One thing he isn’t a friend of is the fakeness that is displayed from a lot of people these days. As …

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