The Grynd Report interviews OleNutty! @MisterDotP

What’s going on OleNutty? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from? Wats poppin Im OleNutty , MisterP I’m from the Soufside Clayco The real Southside tara Blvd , upper Riverdale rd, flint river, Taylor rd, Shyd I lived all over that muhfucka before everybody started claiming this shit …

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Meet 17 Year Old Rappers 10k Entertainment From The Westside of Atlanta (Murda Peso, Bally & Luh Boolaa) [The Progress Report]

Murda Peso, Bally and Luh Boolaa of 10k Entertainment speak about coming up on the Westside of Atlanta and bonding after the death of a parent and older brother. Instagram @_10kentertainment @murda.peso @luh.boolaa @_.bally @TheProgressReport101 @Lalaashep @DJExel @BossBritt__ Website: Please like & subscribe to our Youtube channel & leave a …

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