Buganation’s Toure Redefines Culture as it Relates to Music

Music is universal. The one element that enables a person to establish their sense of individuality, but music is also the very thing that blends the many dialects and cultures that exist in the world today.

In order to familiarize yourself with the diversity the world has to offer, you must essentially embark on a journey, or tour much rather, to travel and seek the truth that lies beyond the recording booth.

With 2019 sought out to be one of the most promising years in music, we had the opportunity to catch up with rising artist Toure to get his opinion on a few full-length projects released this year that have influenced the culture.

Q: What do you think about Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd  

A: I think that’s album of the year for sure right now. I find a new song that I like every time that I listen to it. My favorite song on the project right now would have to be between “Promise U That” or “Rocket Ship”, he be talking that shit.  


Q: What’s your opinion on Gunna’s Drip or Drown 2? 

A: I think it was a cool project. I feel like he definitely showed some versatility in his delivery.  


Q: Offset released his “Father of 4” project, let’s talk about it 

A: The cover art is a good idea, a great concept. Overall, the project is good all way around. 


Q: Did you have the chance to check out 2Chainz’s “Rap or go to the League” full-length album? 

A: To be honest, I haven’t heard the project all the way through. I feel like you can’t judge an album in a couple of days, would need some more time to listen to it a lil’ bit more. 


Q: DaBaby just released “Baby on Baby”, have you checked it out? 

A: Yeah, that’s my mans. I fuck with his music. I just finished listening to his project this morning.  


Q: Should artists invest more time into their video production or music? 

A: If the song isn’t good, then it won’t make a difference. I definitely feel like artists should invest into their music though. If the video is hot, it’s going to promote itself. People want to see what that person look like rapping it, or saying that shit.  


Q: When can we expect your next visual to release? 

A: I have stuff I haven’t dropped yet. I prefer to drop more so closer to the release of my project. So, by the time my baby get here, I’ll have the whole layout for my project to drop.  


Q: How were you able to build your fan-base? 

A: I’m still in the hood, I stayed solid. You gone feel this vibe I’m putting off, it’s real love. I maintain humbleness every time I’m in the hood in Philadelphia. It makes me realize what I came from and what I can always go back too.  


For more updates and new music, follow Toure @wptoure2t

By Derrius Edwards

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