Big Heff: Model of the Week: DEMI ELLE @demielle_the_great

Model: Demi Elli
Social Media: @demielle_the_great
Photo Credit: @djeloveson

My name is Demi Elle. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. I love nature , sports and music . Kim Kardashian is an inspiration because of her ability to turn something bad into a profitable empire. My mom is my Idol ; I hope to be half as strong as her on my strongest day. I aspire to create a non profit to help teach less fortunate kids the proper skills needed to not only succeed but thrive as a successful adult in the “real world”. I’d love to op n a salon specializing in facial beauty services .
IG : @demielle_the_great
Book a flight to the 305 area code and shot
Lets take a trip to Miami and Get To Know Demi:

Big Heff: What do you like to do for fun?
Demi: I like to go to the gun range & ride horses for fun.

Big Heff: Whats the meaning behind your name?

Demi: Demi Elle means half she or little woman in French, but I was named after Demi Moore (the actress) & Elle McPherson (the supermodel).

Big Heff: If we take a ride together, and i pass you the Aux Cord Whats the first five songs you would play?

Demi: The Worst by Jhene Aiko, Stripper Joint by Future, Motorsport by Migos, All My Bitches by Gucci
Rick Flair Drip by Offset

Big Heff: How much does music play into your mood for the day?

Demi: The music I listen to makes me happy and if something goes wrong I can just play music & feel better.

Big Heff: What is your favorite tattoo on your body?

Demi: My favorite tattoo on my body is the Ankh on my throat.

Big Heff: Describe a perfect date with Demi Elle?

Demi: A perfect date with me would involve dim lighting, pasta, and a foot massage (for me of course LOL)

Big Heff: What are some of the things you look for in a guy?

Demi: I look for honesty in men because if he can be honest with me we can overcome any obstacle.

Big Heff: Who was your early 2000’s crush and why?

Demi: Chris Brown was my early 2000 crush because he was so cute & talented to me.

Big Heff: Whats something you would change in todays community?

Demi: If I could change something in today’s society I would implement a life skills course in every grade level that is age appropriate so that kids can learn young things they’ll use their whole lives.