ATTN Artists: Submit Music Videos FREE on Roku TV

Hip Hop pioneer Ronald “Bee-Stinger” Savage, and owner of both The Hip Hop Movement and The Hip Hop Movement streaming channel on Roku TV, encourages artists to submit their music videos.

“I am from the first generation of Hip Hop and former member of the first family of Hip Hop, and in 1990 I was inspired by Public Enemy’s recordings and felt Hip Hop was truly a movement. While listening to Public Enemy I curated six elements that represented that movement. Those elements included; conscious awareness, activism awareness, justice, political awareness, justice, and community awareness in music. With those keys instilled, the Hip Hop Movement was birthed.”

The Hip Hop Movement’s mission is to provide a platform for emcees to share their conscious music that provides substance and positive messages for our youth and communities. Messages that strive for encouragement and empowerment.

“The Hip Hop Movement is the voice and backbone of Hip Hop and the culture and is now a trademark brand available worldwide.”

If you are an artist with positive music videos, please submit them now for placement on The Hip Hop Movement Roku TV streaming channel. Help replace negativity with role models, and violence with integration.

Submit music videos to Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage via email at

Visit the official Hip Hop Movement at